College and Girls By Simon Macbeth Chapter 8: 8 of 12

Simon Macbeth remembers walking into her room and loitering just inside the door, my tail between my legs in more ways than one. I was so shy and nervous and she just held me with her eyes and slipped her clothes off. She sat on the edge of the bed in just her underwear, beckoned me over, and we slept together.

I was gutted afterwards that despite all of my good intentions I had ended up cheating on Gayle. I was really disappointed in myself that I’d done that. Susie had a really gorgeous body and I can still picture her naked. Her dark, smooth, firm skin had been too much of a temptation. I knew I had let myself down.

We fell asleep in bed together, but she swiftly removed me from her chalet at six o’clock the next morning before her young son woke up. She didn’t want him to see me with her and then have him tell his grandparents. That’s what she told me anyway. Maybe she had a boyfriend back home.

We decided we would keep in touch and arranged to meet, before she got on the coach to go home later that morning. I would love to have stayed in contact with Susie, as she was a really nice person who possessed many other charms, but being exhausted I didn’t wake up in time the next morning. I arrived half an hour after the coach had departed and there was no way I could ever get in touch with her again. I would like to have said goodbye.

I had done the dirty on my girlfriend. I’d let myself down and not kept the promise I’d made to myself.

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