College and Girls By Simon Macbeth Chapter 8: 1 of 12

When school finished with Simon Macbeth, like a lot of people, I had no idea what I was going to do. I spoke to career advisors and was told that I wanted to become an architect, which included six or seven years studying and a lot of hard work. I found myself in a course at Leeds College of Building and after the first year there had got that idea well and truly out of my system.

The BTEC Diploma in Construction involved a lot of academic and written work. I was someone who had left school without being able to do either so it wasn’t a great fit. I’d stumbled through the education system, siphoning off just enough information to allow me to successfully navigate from pub to pub. I could barely read and therefore the writing was a bit of a problem too.

I should have gone to Art College. I didn’t know what my options were at the time or how to take control of my own destiny, so Construction it was. I didn’t like the people at that college and I don’t think they ever warmed to me. It was a complete waste of time.

It took me a year to learn enough on the building course to dig a metaphorical escape tunnel.

I moved to Leeds College of Art & Design and enrolled on a BTEC National Diploma in Surface Pattern Design, basically making things like wallpaper, tiles, and materials look good. Any surfaces that needed a pattern on them were at my mercy. Finally I had found something I could do.

In the summer after I left school, my Dad grounded me for most of the two and a half months I had off. On a rare escape from the confines of my house, I went back to school to get my GCSE results. I knew I hadn’t done that well, but was bitterly disappointed to find I’d only got an E in art. I thought someone had made a mistake. It didn’t seem feasible with the standard of the work that I did that I only got that mark. The work that I had handed in was for a big percentage of the final mark and I’d got B’s and C’s for all of that.

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