College and Girls By Simon Macbeth Chapter 8: 2 of 12

Miss Lake told Simon Macbeth once that she downgraded me on an assessment, purely because I was a pain in the class, which I took to be cockney rhyming slang. She wasn’t an evil person. She didn’t sit there one day saying, “Simon’s a right twat he deserves an A for this, but I’m only giving him a C.”

She told me in reflection one day that she saw my work marked with a C and thought to herself, “If someone else had handed in the same piece it would have probably been given an A.” I don’t know if she went back and remedied that, but the result I received that day at school would suggest not.

I was a bit of an idiot at school, disruptive and stubborn. I can see how my behaviour would have affected the way

that Miss Lake viewed me. My art mark should have been a B or a C.

Going into the school hall that day and picking my results off the wall was not a great experience. The rest of my results weren’t a surprise. My only other good subject at school was math and I got a D in that. I knew I was going to get a D anyway because the 10 or 12 pieces of coursework we needed to hand in had been hastily thrown together in the last couple of weeks. And that was only because my rather fat math teacher kept badgering me for the coursework. I left that school in a bit of a daze, thinking that I would never go back. I didn’t speak to anybody as I left.

When I started at Leeds College of Art & Design I had sorted out my income support and was getting £36 a week. Housing benefit covered the rent on a bed-sit that was far too cosy to call home. It was a box that Satan would have been ashamed to keep his toenail clippings in.

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