College and Girls By Simon Macbeth Chapter 8: 3 of 12

The bed-sit was inside a double fronted, back-to-back terraced house, which housed four other equally inhospitable dens.Mine was on the right hand side of the ground floor, tucked behind the front door, a heavy fire door, to which I had my own key. It had single glazed sash windows with the paint worn off because they’d not been painted for ages.

The whole place was in desperate need of fresh air and a lick of paint to rid it of a really stale, musty smell. The carpets and wallpaper were old and dirty. Simon Macbeth didn’t know the other people who lived there. I lived there 18 months and didn’t get to know any of the other people that lived there too. It wasn’t a nice place to be.

The door to my room was a dirty faded orange, which opened straight onto a kitchenette that had a sink and a grubby baby Bella cooker. It didn’t inspire my culinary juices in any way, shape, or form. The kitchen cupboards had been there since the early 70’s. They were a disgusting brown, like sauce smeared on a white plate or a prison dirty protest. There were two small cupboards above the sink and the work surfaces were old and tired and scratched as if they were a chopping board. The carpet was brown and green swirl patterns, and I often wondered if it had originally been much lighter because it had obviously never been cleaned. The orange and brown wallpaper carried the same theme through the rest of my abode.

When I first took the bed-sit I didn’t like it, but I needed somewhere quick. It was only ever supposed to be temporary. I stayed there 18 months and it depressed the hell out of me.

It did nothing to create a positive mood. I was embarrassed living there. I didn’t like inviting people over and I so desperately wanted to move, but struggled to find a way out. I was paying £45 a week in rent, which was over ₤40 too much.

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