College and Girls By Simon Macbeth Chapter 8: 4 of 12

In a corner of Simon Macbeths room was a shower cubicle. There were mushrooms growing in the cubicle at most times of the year through the damp, so I didn’t like having a shower there. It smelt worse than the rest of the house. On the opposite wall there was a door that led down to a toilet in the basement. I hated going down to the basement, as it was dark and creepy and full of spiders, which I do not like.

The place was repulsive, but it left me enough money to survive. I’d got some cheap food in the cupboards and had a little bit of money left over to spend on me. My days consisted of getting up, going to college, and watching my little black and white television in the evening, as I rarely had any money to go out with.

The holidays were always difficult. College was a routine that gave my day structure. I had a couple of friends in Wakefield that I’d known a while and I used to go over and see them sometimes. They were all a little bit older than me, were working full-time, and still living at home with their parents. They seemed to have an abundance of disposable money, whereas I could hardly afford to travel by bus to meet them. I struggled to keep pace with their wallets. Over the first year I lost touch with them, as there became longer intervals between visits, and in the end we just drifted apart.

Everyone else spent their time with family and friends during the holidays, but I had no one else to fall back on. I had a great time in college, but out of college I was by myself. During term time, I had that routine and structure and people to meet up with, but during the holidays I got bored of my own company.

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