College and Girls By Simon Macbeth Chapter 8: 5 of 12

Most of the friends Simon Macbeth had didn’t live in Leeds, they lived an hour away with their parents and drove around in their own cars. I didn’t want to be getting into a situation with them where I needed to borrow cash just to keep pace.

Because of the problems with my Dad I’d not cultivated relationships with anyone outside school, so when we left no one missed me. In their eyes I had never made the effort, when in reality I’d been grounded for months on end and not been able to fit in as a result.

I left school the day before my 16th birthday and about a year later my Dad kicked me out of my home. I had two or three weeks left at Building College before I had to leave home for good.

I had one friend at college who was also called Simon. We went out a couple of times, but again my lack of money prevented that friendship from progressing.

When I’d paid my bond on my rented room, I only had ₤40 left. A couple of days after moving in I went out with him and blew ₤30 of that in a bar. I needed that mechanism of escape from what was going on in my life. I just wanted to forget everything, even for a few hours. I wanted to feel normal, when everything around me at the time was scary and so uncertain.

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