College and Girls By Simon Macbeth Chapter 8: 6 of 12

The two years Simon Macbeth spent at Art College, up until my 19th birthday were a happy time. I’d never felt like I fitted in on the Building course, but it was different at Art College and I got on well with all of the people there. I was one of only four lads in the course. The rest of the students were all female. I was friends with the lads there and two of the lasses on the course, too, and we all hung around together from the first day.

I found that I was good at the work and it came easily to me. There were little bits of written work that I just didn’t do, which was probably the reason I ended the course just by scraping a pass. The work itself was quite restrictive. You had to do it a certain way so what you created could be used as a pattern on a particular surface. I would have preferred to do a course in fine art where you had the freedom to do your own paintings, to express yourself in any way you wanted, within reason. It would have been good to work without the restrictions of having to tailor things into repeat patterns or readying things for print screens.

It wasn’t until later on at Art College that I started getting work in the pubs and bars around Leeds, but my first “proper” job was at Butlin’s in North Wales. To get that job, I lied and said I’d worked behind a bar before. Once I’d started, what were they going to do about it? It was called getting your foot in the door.

I went to Butlin’s because I was lonely and didn’t want to be at home on my own over Christmas. I didn’t relish the thought of a boil-in-the-bag Christmas dinner and opening presents I had wrapped for myself. Butlin’s was only a couple of hours away from Leeds, so it was pretty easy to get to and I had a fantastic couple of weeks working there.

I was going out with a girl named Gayle, and when I went to North Wales I was determined that I wasn’t going to cheat on her and I didn’t, at least not for the first four days.

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