College and Girls By Simon Macbeth Chapter 8: 9 of 12

Simon Macbeth had already cheated. I was a cheat. Whether that was once, twice, 20 times or more didn’t make a blind bit of difference to me. The rollercoaster had set off and I was strapped in and couldn’t stop the ride. Please keep your hands inside the vehicle; it’s going to be a fast, bumpy and exhilarating ride.

I worked as a wine waiter during the day and to make up my hours I worked from 10.0 until midnight behind a bar in the busiest adults only club on the site. All of the attractive girls went there and it was a status symbol for them to catch hold of somebody who worked there. I was a good-looking lad and to my amazement and delight I discovered I could have the pick of anyone I wanted. It was heaven.

On my first night of sexual availability, I hooked up with a girl named Sarah. If you ever watched Home and Away around this time, there was a stunningly beautiful character named Angel. Sarah was a dead ringer for her. She had the same face, body, and long red hair. She was someone who stood out above everyone else. I took her back to my room and I was the first person she had ever slept with. It was a complete role reversal from the previous evening. It was now me who took the lead. We had fantastic sex and this time I didn’t regret it. I met up with her the following day and went back into the club where I worked. We had sex again in the club. Even though it was closed, there were still people milling around. At teatime she was due to leave and I never saw her again.

At this time no one had mobile phones. I didn’t even have a landline phone back at home. It would have been nice to keep in contact with some of these people.

This was to become my life, a serial flurry of meaningless encounters that would start with cursory introductions and end with few goodbyes, but it was great fun.

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